Pay and play

For members to book, click here.


Non-members are welcome to use our tennis court in daylight hours up to 5.30pm, when it’s not in use.

For non-members, the charge is £7.50 for a one-hour session (for the court), or £10 if you wish to book the court for two hours.  Court is available for Pay-and-Play up to 5.30pm, in daylight only (no access to floodlights or clubhouse / toilets).

How to book a court
Please phone 01208 821409 or 07842 612989, and we will make the booking for you and will arrange access to  the court for you.

Guests playing with members
If a member has booked and is playing, then any guest also playing will be asked to pay £3 each per session  (up to two hours);  but please note that this provision is limited to a maximum of three times in any calendar year.

It is preferred that payment is made through BACS:

  • BACS:  Santander account in name of ‘Cardinham Tennis & Sport Club’, sort code 09-01-51, account no. 48458300, ref:  P&P – your surname’ for pay-and-play;   or for guests of members please use ref:  Guest – your surname’.  
  • If BACS payment is not possible, cash or cheques made payable to ‘Cardinham Tennis & Sport Club’ can be placed in the tin in the conservatory in Westover (the house opposite Cardinham Church). If paying cash, please bring the exact amount.

Or why not become a tennis member, and enjoy free use of the court and facilities throughout the year? You will be made very welcome.  For details and application forms, see here.

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