Club Committee

Next meeting:

Wednesday 14 June 2023,  7 pm at the clubhouse   –  more details nearer the time

It was agreed at the ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING held  on Wednesday 19 April 2023 that the officers and committee members of Cardinham Sports Club are as given below.

The club can be contacted by email  at,  or by phone 07842 612989.

Viv is our Safeguarding Officer  – For safeguarding issues, please contact our safeguarding and welfare officer direct on 01726 814737 or 07703 597 548, or email:   –  see our safeguarding policy

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Draft minutes of meetings

With effect from the meeting of 9th June 2019, it was agreed that draft minutes of meetings will be posted on the website, and they shall be accessible as PDFs on this page –  it is emphasised that these are the DRAFT versions, with, for personal data privacy reasons, only the first names of those attending given.  The full signed paper documents held by the Secretary are deemed to be the actual minutes and can be viewed by request.

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