Club Committee

Committee meeting  – next meeting 7pm, 1st February 2023, at Rob’s house – any current member interested to come is welcome to attend.

Cardinham Sports Club

7 pm, Wednesday 1st February 2023

at Rob’s house


  1. Apologies
  2. Approval of minutes of ordinary meeting of 9th November 2022.
  3. Any important matters arising (other than those to be discussed later)
  4. Club issues
    1. Appointment of new Treasurer; bank signatories etc.
    2. Constitution, land lease, trustees, trust registration, etc.
    3. Tennis coaching, slow tennis equipment, etc.
    4. Clubspark for court bookings
    5. Membership and Pay-and-Play prices for next ‘year’
  5. Review of recent events
    1. Christmas gathering, Trethorne, 26th November
  6. Upcoming events
    1. Quiz, Cardinham Hall, 25th March
      entry price, food, publicity, raffle
    2. Open tennis event, Sunday 2nd April?
    3. Skittles?  May?
    4. Court clean-up?  Date?
    5. AGM  – date?
  7. Any other business

See further below for draft minutes of earlier meetings.


As agreed at the ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING held  on 26 April 2022, the officers and committee members of Cardinham Sports Club are as follows:

Viv is our Safeguarding Officer  – For safeguarding issues, please contact our safeguarding and welfare officer direct on 01726 814737 or 07703 597 548, or email:   –  see our safeguarding policy

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Draft minutes of meetings

With effect from the meeting of 9th June 2019, it was agreed that draft minutes of meetings will be posted on the website, and they shall be accessible as PDFs on this page –  it is emphasised that these are the DRAFT versions.  The signed paper documents held by the Secretary are deemed to be the actual minutes and can be viewed by request.

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