Tennis and more

The tennis court will re-open after the second lockdown, from the morning of Wednesday 2 December 2020 
See latest update  – see latest update from Lawn Tennis Association 


It is open for members only, and we can now play both singles and doubles (details below)

The special measures are as follows:

The tennis court is open, albeit with a few restrictions to ensure social distancing and to reduce chances of cross infections.  You’ll see that there are posters next to the court gate – please read them  – and abide by them.  This is important, if we are to keep the court open.

In the meantime –  see below a summary of our new system:

Tennis is for members only –  no guests, no visitors

No touching –  we don’t touch the net, the gate, the furniture (which has been removed).  No handshakes or high fives.

Although this may sound awkward, it is recommended (but now no longer required) that each player brings his/her own set of balls  – the recommendation is that you will only ever touch your own tennis balls (you’ll need to mark them, so that you can distinguish which balls belong to whom).  

If you do choose to touch other people’s tennis balls, it is even more important that (a) you avoid touching your face during play, and (b) you bring soap/water/sanitiser and wash your hands regularly

No entry to clubhouse or toilet –  except if you need to switch on the floodlights (please ensure that within an evening it’s the same person who switches floodlights on and off and puts coins in meter) .

Maintain 2m social distancing at all times as far as possible (the only times when people can get closer is when two partners in doubles might pass each other more closely – but they should avoid proximity where possible).

Want to play?  here’s your step-by-step guide:         

1)  (a) renew your membership if you haven’t done so yet (payment by BACS is preferred)  – see our join/renew page;  and (b) book the court –  making sure to leave at least half an hour gap between bookings   –  see our book court page


2) Get your things ready,  You will need YOUR racket, (preferably) YOUR marked balls, YOUR food/drinks, a SANITISER (or water/soap/towels), a rubbish bag (to take your rubbish home)  and any thing else you think you might need (medicines, first aid kit, plasters, umbrella… whatever! )

3) Before you leave home, you might want to go to the toilet (the one at court is closed, remember), then get your belongings together, and finally you MUST wash your hands –  properly –  20 seconds, every finger and thumb, you know the routine…

4) Arrive at court;  if anyone is playing, stay outside of the whole area until after they have left.  Go to the court. The gate should stay open –  no need to touch the gate. 

 – Wash your hands with your sanitiser/water/soap. 

 – The net won’t need adjusting (the winder has been removed) –  so again, don’t touch the net.  

 – Put your tennis balls down at your end of the court, and take your racket.  

5)  IT IS NOW ADVISED (NOT REQUIRED) that during play

 – The server serves his/her own balls and play continues;  the opponent returns the server’s balls to the server as and when required, using feet, racket or whatever  – but not touching with hands.

 –  Either don’t change ends (easiest);  or if you wish to change ends, then take your balls with you, and change ends by passing the net at opposite ends of the net (i.e. avoid getting close to your opponent).

6) After play, do NOT shake hands;  just remove everything you brought into the court, don’t touch the net, don’t touch the gate (leave it open), wash your hands again with your sanitiser/water…   and escape…

There –  not too painful is it?  You’ll hopefully find that you won’t have touched anything that didn’t belong to you.

Hoping for many sunny days  – get out, get some exercise –  but stay safe, and please, if you want the court to stay open, follow the rules!

Below is more general information about how tennis usually is at the club!

Cardinham Sports Club has its own outdoor tennis court in the village of Cardinham, near Bodmin  – see directions.  It also runs a range of other activities, with cycle rides, skittles, croquet, and so on  – see our upcoming events.

All are welcome, from within the parish or from outside, to any of our events and to use our tennis court.


  • Open to members and non members
  • Rural setting, just one court – no worries about other players on other courts
  • Flood lighting available for night-time use  (pay by coin meter)
  • Superb surface for play
  • Club house with toilet facilities
  • Free car parking available within the ground
  • Very competitive rates:
    • Free use of the court for members. Membership is just £12 a year for a youngster in full time education, £50 for a single adult, £85 for a couple, or £98 for a family;  deposit for keys £5 –  details and application form
    • CANCELLED  DURING COVID:  Low charges for guests and visitors  (£8 per hour for use of court) – but for insurance reasons, non-members are limited to a maximum three sessions in any calendar year –  details
  • Book your court online or by phone – here
  • All users will abide by our rules